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We’re on your side.

At Freedom Credit Solutions, we believe credit repair is something you should only have to do once in your lifetime. Our experienced, licensed credit experts partner with our clients, providing every possible advantage when it comes to resolving credit issues and building credit.


Credit is much more than a three-digit score; it’s an entire snapshot of your financial history to date, and improving your score is more than simply removing negative items from your report. It’s also about improving the ways you use credit, which can help you to get ahead in life and reach your goals. We’re prepared to work with you to repair those questionable items of the past on your credit report to better reflect who you are today, while continuing your credit education throughout the process. We have helped countless people just like you take back their lives, correct their credit, and move on to a better credit lifestyle.


Freedom Credit Solutions works with you and on your behalf to ensure you get the credit you deserve, so you can live the life you want. Don’t settle for anything less!


Meet Ben Dodd, President of Freedom Credit Solutions

Having been a successful mortgage banker, owner of a top-producing mortgage company, as well as an investor in real estate, Ben Dodd has been in the mortgage, real estate, and credit industry for over 18 years. He is an expert on all aspects of credit, FICO scoring, and credit reporting. Ben is a FICO certified professional and a member of NACSO. He stays educated and up-to-date on current mortgage loan programs, fair credit reporting laws, fair debt collection practices, lending laws, and equal credit laws. Ben believes all of his clients should have the opportunity to be homeowners and is passionate about educating people on how to maintain a healthy credit lifestyle.